Mother, Do You Happen to Know What Christmas Is?
"I heard later that my father too, meditated and prayed alone in every Christmas" (Christmas in North Korea from BLSSING THE KOREAN PENINSULA of CGN TV, captured from You- tube video)

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This corner is introducing various issues, incidents/events and stories with a purpurse for hoping and praying together for the REVIVAL of the South and North Korea.(Editor)

“Please, father keep my son YoungGwon safe. Please.”

YoungGwon, who stayed in China for a while for livelihood, whenever feels lonesome and miss hometown, remembered this mother’s murmuring and took courage.

And one day, YoungGwon was brought by his senior companion Dongchun to a place where Bible study was held. There, about 30 people gathered and reading Bible, and one of them even memorized almost the whole part of Bible.

YoungGwon, who attended Bible study together in an impulse, accepted Jesus Christ and come to know that the people call and pray to God as their “Father”.

After one month, in the midweek of December, finished his work duty in China, YoungGwon returned to North Korea. ” Mother, it’s me! YoungGwon is home!” “Oh, my son, Are you o.k and wholesome?”

“Yes, mum. The Father kept me safe.” Mother suprised by YoungGwon’s reply but tried to ignore what he said.

After finishing the hearty meal, YoungGwon called his mother and asked her, “Mother, do you happen to know Christmas?” “What are you talking about? Are you out of your mind?” However, YoungGwon said, “Mother please be honest with me. I returned from China believing in Jesus. Let’s remove those frames of Kim, Il-Seong and Kim, Jeong-Il from the wall of our house and put Jesus there.” “Please keep your voice down! Why are you trying to kill our whole family?”

Mother was so suprised with YoungGwon’s unexpected words, that she closed YoungGwon’s mouth with her hands and tears began to fall down from her eyes. YoungGwon tenderly touched his mother’s hand and began to talk.

“Mother, isn’t it tomorrow the Christmas, the day Jesus was born to this world for us? Mother, in your murmuring calling a’father’, you did call God and prayed. Didn’t you?”

With a sigh of relief, mother told him in a low voice. ” I was reluctant ro tell you in fear that it would be blemish on you. When my mother (your grandma) was a deaconess in a church, I used to go to church with her. Though I could’t tell anyone, I ‘ve been praying and singing praises always. I’ve been believing God in that way.” “Mother, whenever I face difficulty in come-and-go to China, I remebered your that prayer. Perhaps it was by God’s guidance, I met a pastor and heard the Gospel of Jesus in China before coming back home. After listening to the Good News quickly I remembered the words, written on the orange- colored balloon that you picked up and brought home from the field, saying, ‘Believe in Jesus, and you and your family will be saved.’ Mother, how did you live with the pressure without telling it, mom?”

YoungGwon and his mother hugged each other cried with oberwhelming joy. And, as a first time, together, they prayed and shared the joy and thrill of Christmas in honor of Jesus Christ.

<Story taken from: Cornerstone Mission>

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