We Are the ‘Worth of Jesus Christ’s Life’

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The entire process of establishing the kingdom of David is a total fulfillment of the Covenant of God. The reason why God called unqualified David and made him a king was because God wanted to make David realize his qualification is to respond God’s calling only by faith.

Our calling of living in the Age of God is also by total Grace. God called us, unqualified and uncapable beings to a chosen race, royal priesthood, and His own people so that we may declare God’s wonderful deeds. God promised to make us God’s perfect children without condemnation. And we must realize clearly that this was nothing could have been achieved by ourselves.

We have already been totally unfit since God called us. One hundred percent certainty is that we are clearly a child of hell. We, a complete traitor to God, could not even dream of enjoying the fullness of God.

The love God which has freed us from our sins by the blood of His Son is fully based on God’s Calling for us, and the redemption of God was made for us from the curse, judgment, destruction that we deserve, by paying the blood of Jesus, His Son. God freed us from our sins by unilateral obligation/grace/favor.

Likewise our holiness is grounded not on ourselves but on the perfect, and precious blood of the Lord. The reason why we could approach boldly to the throne of God is also not due to our own flawless condition, but due to what the Lord has done for us. Because of the name of Jesus who became our Credit, God can’t reject us. That’s why we pray in the name of Jesus irrespective of our capabilities.

We can be assured that we have received what we ask for in Jesus’ name. This is our confidence.(1John 5:14~15)

So we are the winners and happy ones!!! Because our victory is guaranteed by the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Christ. We can look upon the Lord even if the situation is desperate. As the LORD has helped David, so we who are incompetent, must look upon the God who helps us. We must look at the words of the Lord’s promise to help us for his holy kingdom.(1Cor.1:24~29)

The kingdom of David, which replaced the kingdom of Saul, may have seemed foolish at the level of those who followed the LORD by the flesh. But that is why the Almighty was revealed.

Why are we so depressed? No matter how I feel, I don’t have to be disappointed. The LORD is strong and his kingdom is eternal. We in that kingdom need not be disappointed at anything.

Those who are called by grace! When we say he will use us to bring the revival of God”s Kingdom and to complete its mission, Let“s not look at our possibilities, highs and lows, but the Lord who created us. The identity of the person who met the Gospel of Crucifixion and received the blessing of Immanuel is ONLY ‘Jesus Christ’. The LORD has established our wisdom and righteousness, our sanctity and salvation. Let“s trust in this fact and we will certainly enjoy this blessing. / (August 2016 Message theorem). [To be Continued] GnP Media

Kim, Yong Eui (WMM missionary. LOG Mission representative)

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