In North Korea, Violation of Freedom of movement Is Critical
Missionary Kenneth Bae, Revealing About His Life of Detainment in North Korea

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North Korea has handled the North Korean defection caused by food shortages since the mid-1990s, and has stepped up border security and crackdown since the late 2000s on the growing number of North Korean defectors. According to the Korean Bar Association, after 10 years of research on North Korean human rights violations in North Korean defectors, freedom of movement is one of the most serious breaches.

Since 2009, the ministry has stepped up monitoring of North Korean defectors ‘ families and relatives and enhanced the ideological culture under the Ministry of National Security. It is also strengthening inspection of tourist certificates and lodging in the border area and the inspection of the headquarters of the Border Guards.

While toughening penalties on mobile phone use in the border area, the coast guard has significantly increased and major escape routes have been fitted with wires and security cameras.

Furthermore, after the Kim Jong Un administration took power, North Korean soldiers were ordered to shoot when its national border is crossed, and many testimonies said, ” In fact, the use of guns was carried out during the process of North Korean defection.

North Korean Soldiers Shot Who Cross Natinal Border

If North Korean defectors are caught by Chinese police, they will be detained in China’s frontier in the border area between North Korea and China before being repatriated to the State Security Department in charge of North Korea’s border with China. Men and women are not kept separate in detention center, however, allowed to be searched here. In the process, money hidden in China is sometimes taken away.

North Korean investigators do not hesitate to do the most disgraceful thing in order to find money, and female prisoners were forced the act of performing insanitary vagina tests, and to repeat sitting and standing in their nakedness, and also forced to go to the toilet and be inspected.

During the Kim Jong Il regime, some North Korean defectors received only educational measures, not criminal penalties, when they returned voluntarilyto the North after fleeing the country, but the punishment on North Korean defectorswas reportedly strengthened significantly after the Kim Jong Un regime.

According to Kenneth Bae, author of ‘The True Story of My Imprisonment in North Korea’, he was detained for 735 days in 2012.

For the first four weeks, he was interrogated from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day. Under great pressure, he submitted hundreds of Penitential papers/writings, which the North Korean authorities demanded, and then worked six days a week after the end of the interrogation period.

He got up at 6 a.m. and worked hard for 10 hours a day from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. During that time, Kenneth Bae lost 27 kilograms of his weight and was released only after being severely unhealthy. He was severely unhealthy despite he has never suffered physical abuse and had a much better condition than a North Korean prisoners. The human rights abuses committed to North Korean prisoners are a cause of concern.

Up to 2013, North Korean defectors received a “(Forced/ Hard)labor training center, ” which is sentenced to up to six months in the first round of repatriation, and only a labor reform model, if they were sent back to the North Korea more than two times.

However, starting from 2014, regardless of the number of defections from North Korea, labor reform model will be imposed immediately, and the reform period will be given three to five years depending on the numbers of defection of North Korean defectors and their stay in China.

He will also be sent to a concentration camp on treason against his country if he is sent back to North Korea due to trying to defect to South Korea. Most of the people who were sentenced to labor reform for entering the secret border are housed in the Jeongeori Incubation Center in North Hamgyong Province and the Gaecheon Center in South Pyongan Province. In particular, about 70 percent of all inmates at the center are detained due to entering secret border. [GNPNEWS]

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