Let’s Seek the Lord Right Now!

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It is faith that wins the world at the last moment. The moment we struggle to make ends meet, we are bound to fail, but only when we face up to the fact that we have no hope from ourselves after we conclude that we are incompetent, then, we begin to seek the Lord wholeheartedly. we should not look at ourselves when we, our own being is shaken, but hold on to the comfort of the LORD with faith. When the LORD says ‘go!’, we go, and when he says ‘stand!’, we stand, when he says, ‘it is o.k.,’ then it is o.k. regardless our circumstances.

Lift up your eyes and hold out the LORD to the end. The sole basis of the belief is that of Jesus Christ, who became Immanuel to us. There is peace, victory and glory in looking at the Lord. Let’s take purely Jesus Christ. Let’s take the gospel! And let’s give the Lord a simple obedience! He speaks in all our domains, but he also directs everything. The world is transformed by those who call on the LORD, and who follow the call of the Lord.

And let’s obey before God, leaving no room, obey having no regrets. Don’t try to do anything other than obey the Lord. When he says, ‘ Do this, then, ‘we must proceed with faith, believing the Lord will work ‘through me’. We will experience more of our vulnerability in the future. But only if we continue to experience such vulnerability can we accept our inabilities to do so and move on to the seat of absolute faith.

” God’s great grace, it has brought us all this way in faith-ful-ness.”

we could only say that the only reason why we have come to the right path over the time and experiences is because of the grace of the Lord. When we see ourselves in the path of life, where we meet only the smallest problems and can not solve them, isn’t it all the Lord’s favor after all? Even the vague faith of ‘The Lord will sustain me’ was made good by the Lord in all these things by the faithful grace of the Lord. It is the Lord of Ebenezer, Immanuel.

So Let’s not be afraid or frightened. Let’s not be in worry or be anxious. The LORD is with us forever. We forget the LORD, but he never forgets us. If the miracle happened in our lives, which is 0 percent likely to meet the gospel, then we will now experience it/miracle at every moment of our lives.

Our lives have meaning only if we live on the grace of the Lord. This gospel will win us all. Let’s pass off the temptation of my ‘self’ and the focus on my ‘sick self’. Let us obey with faith, and let us obey by the word of the Lord. The allies within the Lord must walk this step.

But there is something we should never forget! The life in faith is by no means being alone in life. All those who are called in one body must see in the faith that the LORD ‘s kingdom is on this earth through the value of the heavens. Let us show that there are people who live by the faith of ‘Eating me and live!’ are still in this age through our lives. How happy will the Lord be where we fully obey Jesus and give ourselves to him by living as ‘lives of Jesus’?

With the unity and service, let us fight and win against the worldly values that are mad with only ‘self’; let us once again believe that the Lord Almighty will fulfill things for good that are wrongly chosen due to our weakness.

Let’s conclude now! What is the reason for our failures? Because We keep looking for possibilities from ourselves. What do you want from a person who has nothing but despair? We are the one who have no possibility and no qualification. So now! Seek the Lord!(Message theorem of August 2016) . <The End> (GNPNEWS)

Kim, Yong Eui (WMM missionary. LOG Mission representative)

This article is allowed to be used by those who hold and pray for all nations. Identify and use this source. Please let me know if you’ve used it. Contact us at

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