” This is the Revival Scene Despite Police Makes Raid On It. “

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It’s getting hotter here. As the time comes by, it becomes green all around. We wish for a speedy green season of the gospel to come into this land. Today, in the hope for the kingdom of God, I would like to share the stories of members of Christ’s body who are in the race of faith .

“Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love him.(James 1:12,NIV)

One day the police stormed the church. They went to the homes of the believers and asked, ” Do you believe in Jesus? Do you go to church? Write a note! the police threatened them. Some weak members were so terrified that they wrote notes and denied Jesus Christ.

But the church leader Sarah said, “I am not afraid. Just it is so hurtful to have brothers and sisters denied the Lord and wrote a note saying they would not go to church”. Her mother held Sarah’s hand, saying she would follow her daughter’s path of following the Lord to the end.

There are not many authorized churches in this area. Sarah’s church was also so often persecuted. So, for years, it repeatedly getting together, then scattered, again, gathered and then, scattered again. A police lives near the church. Often when the church was in trouble with problems, then later they turned out to be that policeman was into it. He seems to be desperate to put Sarah in jail somehow. We are praying for the transformation of him in the way that Saul became Paul.

So I am speeding up for the preparation of documents for church registration. Once the document has been approved, many souls, including those who have left in horror and also who are ready, are expected to return to the Lord. While waiting this to happen, I am studying the words of God and preparing it with prayers. I just continue asking, seeking, knocking. Since the Lord said He is the Way, so I’m counting on him to let us cross this. I am realizing that faith is a necessity in everything. I can’t do anything without faith in the Lord.

In the midst of the time like this, the mission team’s visit was like a shower in the heat. The mission team consisted of elementary school children, middle school students, and senior citizens, and served whole-heartedly during the time they share the good news through various programs. The school officials that are benefited by the team said, ” Christians are such good people.” In another occasion, in one elementary school, the principal and the students came to the church in honor of having a well(the mission team worked for it), saying, “I believe that the God you trust is a real God. I saw God in my dreams.“

While the church was in a precarious position, but thanks be to God that the due mission was safely completed under the protection of the police from beginning to end.

Looking upon the life of Christ is shared even in persecution, in this land, with 95 percent of Buddhist population, we look forward to the LORD who will fulfill this land a new season of Christ.

Sarah became very popular in her neighboring villages and government offices. Because she believes in God. On the day Sarah went to the government office, they said to Sarah, ” You’re a Christian. Is it good to believe in Jesus? I think it’s good seeing in you.”

Hallelujah! Now this is the scene of the revival. <GNPNEWS>

Missionary “L“, from the Country “L”

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