I Have Set You An Example
at a house in Afghanistan

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You can have a unique experience when you are invited to an Afghanistanian’s house. At meal times, kids serve adults by bringing them water, a big bowl, and a towel and pouring the water into the bowl so that the adults can wash their hands before meals. This kind of service looks unfamiliar but it makes us think about what service is again.

However, there is a better example of service. Jesus Christ was the one who was worshiped by the heaven of the heaven but came to this land to save sinners.

On the day before He died on the Cross, Jesus showed His disciples the example by washing their feet Himself even though He knew they would betray Him. “You should do as I have done for you.” We did as Jesus did by washing each other’s feet, which made us think further: How much do I serve others as Jesus did? How much look of Jesus does my life reveal?

I earnestly pray that my life would show Jesus’s true character of sharing love and serving others until God commands me to come to heaven.[gnpnews]

“I have set you an example that you should do as I have done for you.”(John 13:15 – NIV)

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