“When My Muslim Brother Heard the Gospel and Saw He Changed, I Was Curious About the Gospel”
Women's Meeting In The Mission Field

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New spring has come. I am always impressed when spring arrives. It is because the

trees that looked dead spurted out, flowers bloom, and new life begins because of the warm sunlight.

Albania Ditaevera/ Eddievera (Summer Day – Start of Spring) is over, and the Women’s Day event is over, and it is beyond the real spring threshold.

And a long prayed women’s meeting” began. I invited people, my students’ families and those who had contact with the gospel, on the occasion of “Women’s Day” as an excuse. It’s Muslim region, but it’s moderate, and it feels like it’s free to spread the gospel.

But if you tell the gospel a little bit closer, it’s a clan society and women can’t come to church easily. Young mothers can’t go out freely, either. It has a free atmosphere, but it has a lot of invisible restrictions. The more difficult it is in the countryside. There were 13 people at the first meeting and seven last week.

At the first meeting, with introducing self and the testimony of Florinda, we briefly talked about the gospel with them. It was great time with full of laughter and without a rejection. They would have attended one time out of courtesy due to the relationship with me, but at the second meeting I was worried about how many people would attend. Thankfully, there were four of our students who are cousins, and their families all came.

At the second meeting, I introduced of myself more detail including that I am a missionary. Thankfully, I heard that Fabion’s sisters attended an English class taught by a missionary when they were young. They are Muslims, but they came to have interest in the gospel and attended church when they were in Germany. I believe God has prepared them. I ask you to pray that through the women’s meeting souls to be saved and they will become channels for salvation.

We are planning to use the library to allow women to enter the church easily. Because the library doesn’t need to be conscious of people around them and bring their children and can read books with them. We are going to serve delicious coffee and operate cooking class for women. We hope that in these various ways we could make the point of contact for the gospel and also help women become happy mothers and have fun in their lives.

It’s been a time that seemed unchangeable, slow and slow. I was so sorry that thinking if I was a missionary who kept his seat without big fruit/visible result. But I lived in thanks for the little things, because I knew that the place God wanted me to be was here. There is a consolation for me through this springtime. I feel encouraged to start to cultivate anew with the old land. ” It’s okay. Let’s start again…”

Now, I live as a very happy missionary. I want to live as a ” good and loyal servant ” until the day the Lord comes. <The GNPNEWS>


missionaries for Albania = Kim, Jong-sup and Kim, Kyung-ae

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