“Non-stop faithful relay racer”

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“I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. (2Timothy 4:7)

I had my son sent to “Training School of Faith for a Next Generation” and at the same time I also applied to serve as a server for domestic outreach. Due to my unexpected circumstances I decided not to join outreach. After that I kept to asking to Jesus what I should do and He gave me the Word 2Timothy 4:7. The training school for the next generation kept going on and on until now. Thanks to teachers who rushed out and kept running with children for faith and contributed their hearts.

God wanted for children to bear fruits in this race and he wanted to show the glory of God. If I didn’t touch baton with the teachers who ran like a relay racer and finally if I stopped I was afraid that I could have been a disturber. I held up the promised words which Jesus gave me and started outreach with confidence that the words will be achieved and could keep continuing outreach.

I have never been in any type of training before and further more I was designated as a helper. Actually all these could become to be a burden to me. However, the Lord praised the song. ‘The Lord is perfect’ and it was so gracious to us. Even though I cannot do anything but since nothing is impossible with Jesus Christ who will give his heart to me and let me concentrate only to Jesus.

We arrived at the arranged church where we should stay and we worshipped with deep gratitude. As a helper I didn’t know what to do so I had to consult with a team leader to discuss and to be helped. I could find some children to be helped and to be assisted. Actually ages of our team are all older so it was vague to get together with them.

I used to give the first priority only to myself in my life than others whoever or whatever it was.

It could not be easy to make a team unified since everybody treats each individual like a stranger.

We had to pour lots of energy during the journey of outreach. The captain of our team tried his best and he already exhausted all his energy. He already kept his position and the passage of our

services for children and finally opened their tenderly hearts.

Lord wanted for NGO through experience authority to cherish the young spirits who are poor and hunger. Furthermore there are so many countries under religious persecution due to gospel. But we highly appreciate so that we can believe in Jesus freely and to read the Bible any time we want.

The Lord shines the light in the hearts of children.

While outreach schedule kept continuing I perceived that ‘It is not me but Jesus is doing’. Sometimes I felt difficulties beyond my ability. I had experienced lots of itineraries. Rather than my physical fatigue I wanted to be closer to Jesus and to have deep associations for fellowship with Jesus.

We had to move everyday as per to given schedule and children should have been tired. But while time passes they love to be closely associated with Jesus Christ. One child who had refused to attend outreach but now he was longing for the Words and he had never moved his position. While the other one was listening to the lecture in training school and he replied only one single simple answer but he was in meditation and finally he met Jesus Christ.

Another one used to be just quiet and gentle but now he became very bright and brave. He didn’t want to share what he had but now he started to take care of younger children. The children who were with dark and rigid hearts were got together in the Words at the same place and Jesus touched their hearts and shined the light.

Now we are all together in Jesus and Jesus who is the light in me finally accomplished everything.

We did not stop to fight the good fight of faith to keep running and finally Jesus did everything. Highly appreciate to call me who is scarcity and weak for all nations team. We love and bless our children who love the Word of God. Jesus did everything.

Kwak Eun Jung, wife of Pastor, Dong Myun Church

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