Open the gate of sky and give ‘Snow Operation’ as favors
Illust = Lee Soo Jin

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“Honey, I am coming back.” Right after my wife finished talking from her mouth I thought something should have to come. I know the heart of my wife who wanted to stand in front of the gospel again even though we have our son under two years old. While my wife had participated in a faith training for one week I started to be afraid to take good care of my son by myself alone.

Right after my wife made a decision to participate in training for five nights and six days I started to prepare for a big plan of operations for fighting a war of child care. In front of the fear for child care the reaction of my existence is to set up a plan with my utmost efforts and eagerness.

I prepared lots of supply to fight a war. My parents sent lots of snack which was more than enough. I have to set up the next operations. I have to play with my son’s toys and to show videos so that he does not think mom in any minute. This was my main plan of operations.

In our room where my wife left for a week I was so much loneliness. I sincerely hoped to see my wife rather than my son. How long the loneliness already passed? After taking a nap my son waked up and was looking for mother to go to the lavatory. He did not stop crying even father tried to embrace and to soothe a crying son. He did not care about toys and video and nothing was necessary. As above my operation for child care failed and when we are on crisis our Lord already prepared for grace at proper time.

‘My Lord, what should I do? How can I spend long time with our ‘Bok Um’? Now only one day passed!’ When I asked to Jesus and kept searching I realized that Jesus already prepared a means of special grace and a means of play. It was a huge snow. Due to a tremendous snowfall all the place where I live in was covered all with snow.

I came out from my room which was warm and safe and my son and I jumped in a mass of snow together. Oh, my God! My son got already tired of any kinds of new toys and children’s video programs. But now he was frolicking in the snow for hours. Throwing snowballs, making a snowman,

building a snow castle and we played with snow whatever they were. Accordingly he had a big meal and was exhausted and slept so well!

I was trying to make an operation which was actually low-grade one. At the same time my Lord had already prepared to open the gate of sky for me and my son to give ‘Snow Operation’ as favors! The operation of my Lord was always a great success. My son and I rolled about for 5 nights and 6 days on snow-covered ground under Lord’s favor.

Until when should I set up only my schedule and live? Not my plan but my Lord has perfect plan.

I took care of my son even for only 5 nights and 6 days but it was not my plan but still I required the grace of Lord. Lord kept continuing to know this fact and how come I could not understand. My operations always failed out but my Lord’s operation always succeeded from the tiny works such as taking care of children and to the completion of mission always. Again I decided to devote myself into Lord’s operation. How does my Lord set up an new amazing operations?

Really I am looking forward to my Lord. [gnpnews]

Missionary, Lee Yong Chan

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