Underground University where North Korean defectors carry out the ministry for North Koreans (source from: vomkorea.com)

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Two-Year Course of Underground University, Voice of the Martyrs Korea

North Korean defectors, who experienced their torturous defection journey and human trafficking, have accepted Jesus as their Lord and recently finished the mission school where they can learn how to help other defectors and serve underground churches in North Korea.

Voice of the Martyrs Korea(VOMK) recently reported that they held a Underground University’s graduation cceremony. Three students had finished its two-year course of it and been dispatched.

UU(Underground University) mission school has been run for the last 11 years and it teaches how take care of other North Koreans who live all around the world.

Hyun-suk Foley, representative of VOMK, said “UU students learn according to the way of North Korean underground churches and with their bibles which they have used since long time ago not the way of South Korean or foreign missionaries, etc.”

Foley also added, “All the graduates are women over 65. They, themselves, experienced North Koreans’ torturous life, so they are better missionaries to people in North Korea and defectors across the world than all other young ones in South Korea.”

Not only have they learned in their classroom but also visited domestic and overseas mission sites. Also they have been disciplined about preaching the gospel at prisons and hospitals in South Korea, the factories and construction sites operated by North Korean government, and the houses of North Korean women who were sold to China by human trafficking. .

Ms. Kim, one of the graduates, said, “I can die if I live as a missionary. However, my spirit will live forever, although my flesh dies.”

UU Mission School runs from February through December every year.

Contact: (02) 2605-0703


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