“Abandon shortcuts and the things God is not delighted”

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After 8 years, I got a call from my older church sister. When I first stepped in the church during my youth she was the first person to see me and introduced me to Jesus. Even though we have been in contact for a long time, we have been intimately sharing how the Lord has led our lives as we met yesterday.

She was out of her own righteousness and lawful life, and now I heard my older sister’s confession that

the bruise of the Lord was easy and light, and showed me one thing that I did not want to touch.

I saw myself through my sister’s confession.

I was thrilled by the love of Jesus who met the Lord for the first time and saved me, and decided to follow only the Lord. I wanted to meet my husband in the same church and to be a family that serves the Lord more and more. But now I was eager to live as the Bible said but I felt lots of gap in the reality.

My husband was named as a minimum wage employee in his friend’s company and received low-income benefits from the country. At first, the cost of the postpartum birth aid was so high that I asked for the benefit.

As time went by, I also supported the diaper value and enjoyed the benefits for a few months. At first, what   I thought might be possible was a sudden discomfort, as if I had been guilty at first…

I wanted to return to the original, but I had to return it, even though I did not care about anyone and nobody cares. However, when it comes back, various expenditure items that go out every month, and the benefits that disappear, have come to mind. The person who gives me is God, and the person who is reaping is too sad to know my God’s esteem in my head, but in fact, I am so sad that I hesitate to calculate before reality. ‘Do you love me?’ If Jesus asked me I could not answer. Even if I said ‘Yes’, you would think it was a lie…

Then I got her phone and talked to her husband for a long time. It was just an excuse, and I realized that the world’s leisure and satisfaction were holding us. I wanted to live honestly and to live as a clean Christian, but I saw ourselves who were not honest before the material. I decided to go back to God again by sharing my and my husband’s appearance that I could not live according to the words. Or sincerely it was the first time that I had such kinds of mind.

We talked about living holy with my husband, and we decided to fix the shortcuts one by one we commit and the ones God does not like. The start was to leave the false registration as an employee at her husband’s friend’s workplace. I realized how great it was to be free from sins and to be big joys.

Since then, he has allowed us to meditate on the holiness of God, to meditate on the Word of God and the fruits of life after salvation, which he said to be saved by fear and trembling. Now, like David, the words of the Lord are pleasant and joyful, giving you a desire to sing and praise all day long. We are anxious to wait for God’s words every day.

Now, let us be holy with Holy Words and I ask you to make the true Master, Jesus Christ in our family.

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