It was a worship to draw pictures to me
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What kinds of thinking will teenagers experience when they learn about the Christian worldview? Christian School, ‘The School. Hebron’, presented various internal changes that they experienced by learning various Christian values such as politics, economy, society and culture. Here is a summary of the presentation: <Editor>

Hobbies are not professional work, but regular actions to enjoy. One question was asked. The idolatry that I learned through the Word of God is not for God but I love and worship other things for my pleasure and satisfaction. Then is the hobby idolatry? Shouldn’t we have a hobby? I spent a long time trying to find the answer. How should we have hobbies with the life of Jesus Christ?

We were not only obedient to the Word of God, but also existential sinners who rebelled. Now we have heard the cross gospel with tremendous grace and became a new life. But when we do not live with faith, it is clear in our hobbies that we are going to live according to the inertia of sin.

I started exercises as a hobby but I am happy to start. Soon, the competition will rise and only the delays that exercise well will be on my side. If you don’t win, you get irritated and disgruntled. Also, when playing various musical instruments, I think of God’s grace, but I also play world music.

But may all who seek you rejoice and be glad in you: may those who love your salvation always say,

“The Lord be exalted!.” (Psalms 40:16)

The purpose of hobbies is ‘Joy’. So…

The purpose of hobbies is one word ‘Joy’. But we are only human beings who can be delighted by God.

We can please the Lord as much as you can with the Word of God. In prayer, a fellowship of love and joy with God is made. This fellowship is interconnected. If the one loves only one side, it is not a love relationship. As Psalm 40 says, when we find God desperately, God makes us happy and pleasant in us.

So we can worship the Lord and this is a great honor for the Lord.

Among the many characters in the Bible, David always wanted God’s will to be fulfilled, worshiped God, and had a relationship with him. The action of life that appeared to David was to play harp, sing and write poetry.

It’s not just to play musical instrument brilliantly or not to enjoy for interests with wonderful words, but only to love God and to enjoy Him. Hobbies are all kinds of actions that only those who enjoy God do to worship God with love. In that case how can I behave specifically into action?

My hobby is to draw pictures. It was very simple and fun to draw pictures. After I met Gospel, my purpose of painting has completely changed. Before drawing the picture I prayed to God to receive the words of promise from God. In prayer He put the truth of God and this action became the worship. All our lives! Lots of talents from the Lord! There is no limit to worship God now. If I speak or eat food and if I really deeply love God, then it will be the greatest honor and hobby to be raised to God.

Han Sam (19)

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