Portugal, the Dark Shadow of drugs hidden behind the Beautiful City
▲ the Douro River, Porto, Portugal (by gnsee's prayforyou)

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Cozy sunset shines over the houses along the beautiful Douro River. The appearance of floating boats and people walking in a hurry is conspicuous. They are altogether living both in each life of their own and in the same physical region now and there. Portu, a harbor city producing a type of beauty with a variety of lives mixing one another, also has a dark side: addiction to drugs.

In 2001, Portugal became the first country around the world to decriminalize taking drugs. It became legal to have drugs his/her own leisure. The problem is that visible drug issues in the city has reached the worst level in decades. According to the newly announced survey by the government, the rate of adults who have had any experiences of intaking durgs rose to 12.8% in 2022 from 7.8% in 2001.

That is our real nature as sinners: good to see on the surface but rotten inside. It is the Gospel of Jesus’s Cross that restored the lives of ontological sinners with His complete death and the Resurrection. Let’s pray that the light of Jesus’s life shines on Portuguese souls staggering because of drugs, so the dead souls become revived.

“For it is shameful even to speak of the things that they do in secret. But when anything is exposed by the light, it becomes visible for anything that becomes visible is light.”(Ephesians 5:12~13_ESV) [GnP News]

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